Facebook Overtook YouTube for Video Marketing Uploads

There was a time YouTube seemed untouchable when it came to video marketing. Facebook has always had a video upload function but only last year did it begin pouring resources into making it a serious contender. Since summer 2017, it’s been worthy of serious consideration as a marketing platform but a shock new study revealed 46% of new web video content is now designed specifically for Facebook. It beat YouTube into second place on 41%.

At the end of 2017, multiple marketing agencies, organizations and analysts predicting this would be the case in 2018.

Facebook is Now the Top Platform for Video Marketing

YouTube is still seen largely as a content site. Ads do appear, but usually at the beginning and only sometimes during the run. Facebook’s video system also plays ads both during and before the content. However, in most cases, marketing videos uploaded to Facebook is the content. It’s not the sort of website that people visit for instructional “How To” videos or corporate content. Despite its status as a social media platform, users expect to see video ads. It’s become a natural part of the Facebook experience.

You Should Consider Facebook Video for marketing

YouTube is still a great platform for your video content both in terms of views and for measuring success. You should not stop uploading videos to YouTube. But what is clear is Facebook is now the clear leader in the video marketing stakes.

  • There are 32 billion video views every day on Facebook
  • Combined time total is around 100 million hours of every day
  • Facebook native video is proven to have a higher reach than any other type of content on the platform
  • Native video experiences 186% more engagement than videos linked from other sites (YouTube, Vimeo and others)
  • 65%, or around 2/3 of viewers, will make it to the 10-second mark if they watch the first 3 seconds

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