“Where’s your Happy Place?” Doritos Commercial

For the last couple of years, Frito Lay and reached out to “lay” producers to create commercials to promote Doritos, and not just any commercial — a Super Bowl commercial. And to incentivize filmmakers across the nation, the prize money is pretty amazing: $1 million.To make an advert for Doritos is a big deal. The tortilla chips have been produced since 1964 and are sold in many countries. At times it has been a best selling snack, beating everything from cookies, cakes and candies. It’s not really that surprising as they are a snack that can be enjoyed at all times, when watching TV with friends, playing games at a BBQ. So how could we resist the chance to make a commercial for such a popular snack, that would be aired as the legendary Super Bowl commercial and the chance to win $1 million?This year, we jumped in and created our own 30 second spot for the contest. Here’s our entry into the Crash the Superbowl contest called “Where’s your Happy Place?”

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