Creating a Book Trailer Video

Top Pup Media | Creating a Book Trailer VideoThe world of publishing is diversifying – self-publishing and digital books, for example, have given thousands of people the chance to get their fiction and non-fiction works seen in what was once a highly, competitive market. How people promote their books in a bid to grab readers attention has also changed. Dedicated social media communities, such as Good Reads, are one way to do it, but commercial publishers and self-publishers are starting to use new tools like a book trailer video to promote new books.

Content is King

In previous posts, we have discussed in the past how powerful video is as a promotional tool. It represents just a small fraction of content available on the web yet is the overwhelming majority of viewed content. That means a book trailer video is far more likely to be viewed than any other form of promotional material you might invest in. It may seem unusual to use video to promote text-based media such as a book, but some recent surveys are showing that viewers stay longer on author sites with videos.

It Will Broaden Your Audience

Some people lament that we are reading less and playing more video games, watching more films and surfing the web more. Yet the power of the book to inspire is still there – just look at the success of titles such as Harry Potter and the Twilight series. Book trailers may be the way to reach out to those people who love to read. A book trailer that is pitched in the right way and grabs them in the way a movie trailer can has the potential to broaden your potential reader base.

A Book Trailer Video is Shareable

Video is one of the majority ways content is viewed online, and it is also the primary content shared on social media because it’s easier to share. Since video is immediate, people are more likely to engage with video, and it is the type of content that is more likely to go “viral”. When content is shared on your behalf, you won’t be spending money on advertising. Word of mouth now becomes the catalyst for promotion. This rarely happens with a book review or sales page which would normally form the backbone of your promotional material.

A Book Trailer Video is Memorable

Bookworms are seeking new books all the time – sometimes looking at tens, if not hundreds, of book titles every single day. Most of the material they view will be author sales pages, book reviews, cover images and promotional blurbs (short description that appears on the back of the book). Because book trailers are not as common today, producing one will put you at a distinct advantage. The same survey mentioned above found out that a reader is 64% more likely to buy your book if it has an effective trailer.If you’re looking to create a book trailer video, contact us today for more information on how to produce one.

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