Clichés to Avoid in Corporate Videos

A video marketing campaign gives you limited time to get your message out there. Ideally, you want to portray your message, your company and product in as quick a time as possible using association so people “get it” without you having to go into great detail. However, some of these images are becoming so common that companies are falling into the trap of using clichés. Below are some common clichés to avoid:

People Stereotypes

Do you pretend you are doing science by showing an image of a man or woman in a white lab coat staring at a petri dish or test tube? Do you show you care about the environment by showing hippies linking hands around a Giant Redwood? There are many more and your audience will recognize these lazy images for what they are.

False Social Commentary

Groups of large people moving quickly, fast moving traffic, fast food, more fast cars, trains and planes. Many companies use these images to show how fast and impatient we have become in our daily grind. While certainly true, some businesses use this as the “problem” and their product or service as a solution. Over-use of this type of imagery can seem trite or false, especially when coming from a global corporate brand.

Over-used Image Association

Like the people stereotypes, there are also image associations that have become over-familiar to the point of cliché.

  • Showing an arrow hitting a bullseye to emphasize the impact that your company has had in the industry
  • A line graph with no axis labels that skyrockets upwards to show your company’s success
  • Sweeping shots of trees to show you care about the environment
  • Using nationally recognized symbols (the American Eagle, Mount Rushmore) when you are a global brand can come across as a cynical attempt to appeal to patriotism as a selling point

Business Speak

Business buzzwords, particularly when used out of context of their real-world use, are also becoming cliché in the world of advertising. Words like “dynamic”, “paradigm” and “innovation” are certainly over-used, but it is also simple everyday words and terms too. How many times have you seen a company describe itself as “America’s fastest growing start-up” or “ahead of the competition”? Equally, recruitment videos should avoid “exciting opportunities” especially with low to average wage jobs.

Fake Characters

“Say hello to Mike. Mike is not very happy because [X, Y, Z] and he doesn’t know what to do. Luckily for Mike, he discovered our [Company / Product] and now he’s happy again became he can [A, B, C]!”Fake characters with personal stories appeal to most of us. After all, we want to relate to people in commercials, but it is overdone. The viewer will know that the video does not discuss real people or real situations and attempting to engage on the level of the customer can sometimes backfire.If you’re interested in producing authenticate, compelling content, our producers are trained and experienced in how to create videos while avoiding clichés. Contact us today for more information.

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