How to structure a business video

How to Structure your Business Video

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Every video tells a story. And, every story has a structure: a beginning, middle and end. Business videos are no different from a book or a movie when broken down like this. When we put together a business video, we will clarify and communicate your key message into this structure. Here are the three essential … Read More

Maximizing your Video Call to Action

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What Should Go in a Video Call to Action? Customers have certain expectations from social media marketing today. One of these expectations is that promotional material should sign off with something called a “Call to Action”. This is just as important for videos as it is for sales pages, blog posts and email marketing. Here, … Read More

How to Use Instagram Video

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In the world of internet marketing, businesses of all sizes are always looking for the next method to reach their audience. Facebook and YouTube have been a great way of reaching out to customers with video, but content slips down a timeline quickly. Competition for attention in the form of likes and shares is fierce. … Read More

Get YouTube to Recommend your Video

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In the world of advertising media, content is king. Using a chessboard analogy, we could argue “Exposure is Queen”. She is the most powerful piece on the board. You could win without her, but it makes it monumentally difficult. No matter how well thought out, planned and recorded your video campaign is, if it is … Read More

Social Media Video More Influential than Television

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We’d suspected it for years but now it’s official. A recent study found that among the younger generations, particularly Generation Z (roughly 13-25 year old group), social media video is the most important visual medium for advertising. It’s a fundamental change that began with the tech-savvy Generation Y, but those who follow in their footsteps … Read More

Rebuilding your Company Reputation with Video

Rebuilding your Company Reputation with Video

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There are many reasons for why an organization might employ Top Pup Media. We produce mostly promotional and marketing videos, but you may also require content for recruitment and campaigns. In an age of accountability and mistrust of the public towards businesses, some entities are seeing the value of using video for rebuilding your company reputation. BP … Read More