Video Impact on Marketing and Brand Awareness

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The internet is becoming increasingly visual. Infographics, short animations, and videos especially have always been more important than text, but few could have predicted the speed with which that has become the case. You don’t need to take our word for it. There are many studies out there examining the video impact on marketing and … Read More


How to Get Viewers to Watch All of Your Video

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We know that video is a powerful medium. According to a recent report, 94% of businesses think video is a powerful tool when they are buying. 81% of sellers who used video in 2018 saw higher sales while 53% had reduced phone calls to their customer support. Video is powerful and its growth shows no … Read More


Start Up Business Videos

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Video is a potentially limitless marketing tool, and start up business videos are no different. According to Hubspot, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. That’s a high return on investment (RoI) in terms of traffic and share-ability. However, taking your business to the next level requires the right video using … Read More

Video for IPO Roadshow

Using Video for IPO Roadshow

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More and more, the use of video is shaping the world of marketing and this trend will continue as 82 percent of businesses plan to spend more on video marketing in 2018. It has now reached the point where consumers expect to see content in a video format—25 percent of them will lose interest in … Read More

Videos for your Business

Video as Part of your Marketing Strategy

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According to Todd Hartley, CEO of WireBuzz, in his article “The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017 (and Beyond!)”, “video is no longer an option for marketers – it’s a vital part of any content strategy that wants to taste success.” In fact, video marketing is already more pervasive than many people realizeand is increasing … Read More

Video Briefs

How To Measure Your Marketing Video ROI

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Entering the world of video marketing for the first time is exciting. However, the hard work has only just begun. It’s not enough to simply have a video. As with any marketing content, there is no guaranteed audience. For your marketing campaign to work, you’ll need to measure the video’s relative success or Video ROI … Read More