How Quality Video Can Improve Your Brand

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Cloud storage and always on connectivity has made it easier than ever for small businesses to create and distribute video content. With SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook stories, everybody is creating video and reaching out further and faster. It’s a fact — video can improve your brand! A report in 2017 predicted that video content would … Read More


How to use YouTube Analytics to improve your Outreach

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Now that you have your professional video, what next? If you are like most businesses, YouTube is likely the main outlets you use to reach out to your intended audience. However, to ensure it achieves what you need it to achieve, it does not stop with posting. You need a continuous process of monitoring. Thankfully, … Read More

Video for Lead Generation and Conversion

Video for Lead Generation and Conversion

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There is no doubt that visual media, once a luxury for businesses operating on the web, is vital to a content marketing strategy. Instagram, SnapChat and other social media platforms are using video as a business tool. The changes made to Facebook such as Stories and Watch (their video content platform) means users expect more … Read More

Essential 2019 Video Marketing Strategies

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You have a high-quality promotional video from Top Pup Media. What happens next is, of course, entirely up to you in how and where you choose to market it. With a variety of 2019 video marketing strategies, there are far more platforms on which to show your video than the three choices that businesses were … Read More

How Can Video Help my Business

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SEO is constantly evolving and changing to provide the best possible web experience and relevant matches for users. Initially, the carefully composed written word was king, but now search engine algorithms incorporate other forms of media too. Google and other search engines must keep evolving to keep up with the popularity and diversity of social media. … Read More

Promotional Video for Hilton RMCC

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Top Pup Media recently finished production on a promotional video for Hilton RMCC. Hilton partnered with us to capture the company’s culture, story and what it’s like to work at Hilton RMCC. The promotional video would be used to help promote Hilton RMCC to new employees and partners. The production elements for this project consisted of interviews, … Read More