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How Quality Video Can Improve Your Brand

Cloud storage and always on connectivity has made it easier than ever for small businesses to create and distribute video content. With SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook stories, everybody is creating video and reaching out further and faster. It’s a fact — video can improve your brand! A report in 2017 predicted that video content would account for 80% of all searches by 2019. So far, the prediction has come true. More than ever before, customers demand video. However, there are many reasons why businesses should proceed with caution when creating their own videos to save on cost. There may be a place for self-shot video, but your content strategy should require high-quality production. It’s Good for Search Engine Optimization Search…


How to use YouTube Analytics to improve your Outreach

Now that you have your professional video, what next? If you are like most businesses, YouTube is likely the main outlets you use to reach out to your intended audience. However, to ensure it achieves what you need it to achieve, it does not stop with posting. You need a continuous process of monitoring. Thankfully, the parent company Google has introduced a useful monitoring tool to help you understand how and if your video content works. It’s called YouTube Analytics. What Will YouTube Analytics Show? YouTube Analytics, when used effectively, can help you develop an outreach strategy for your video content. New tools and functions are added all the time but generally focus on a few key information types such…


Video for Lead Generation and Conversion

There is no doubt that visual media, once a luxury for businesses operating on the web, is vital to a content marketing strategy. Instagram, SnapChat and other social media platforms are using video as a business tool. The changes made to Facebook such as Stories and Watch (their video content platform) means users expect more visual content, and it isn’t just photos, illustration and infographics. If 2019 will be remembered for anything, it will be as a year of video. More businesses are using video for lead generation and directing ad resources to YouTube than ever before. 2019 Marketing Stats There are many reasons for the increase in business videos. Technology makes it both cost effective and viable as a…


Essential 2019 Video Marketing Strategies

You have a high-quality promotional video from Top Pup Media. What happens next is, of course, entirely up to you in how and where you choose to market it. With a variety of 2019 video marketing strategies, there are far more platforms on which to show your video than the three choices that businesses were limited to just five years ago: YouTube, Vimeo, and your business website. The platform you choose to promote your promotional video depends on what you hope to achieve with your content. Every business needs a long-term strategy if the video content is to deliver the required results. Perceive Video as Integral Using video as the all-powerful in 2019 means changing the mindset about video marketing….


How Can Video Help my Business

SEO is constantly evolving and changing to provide the best possible web experience and relevant matches for users. Initially, the carefully composed written word was king, but now search engine algorithms incorporate other forms of media too. Google and other search engines must keep evolving to keep up with the popularity and diversity of social media. In March 2018, an article on video marketing at Know Techie said “video is set to become standard practice” in SEO. Now, over a year later, there appears to be no sign of a slowdown. You might wonder how can video help my business. Here are some ways video can help your business. Mobile First and Video The much-publicized “mobile first” means precisely what it…


Promotional Video for Hilton RMCC

Top Pup Media recently finished production on a promotional video for Hilton RMCC. Hilton partnered with us to capture the company’s culture, story and what it’s like to work at Hilton RMCC. The promotional video would be used to help promote Hilton RMCC to new employees and partners. The production elements for this project consisted of interviews, B-Roll, motion graphics, and music. We worked closely with Hilton to craft the interview questions and talking points. On the day of production, our crew worked closely with the client to capture interviews of the employees. Working with actual employees can be challenging. Many have never been on camera before, and are not used to being interviewed. We provided some helpful tips on getting ready…


Video Impact on Marketing and Brand Awareness

The internet is becoming increasingly visual. Infographics, short animations, and videos especially have always been more important than text, but few could have predicted the speed with which that has become the case. You don’t need to take our word for it. There are many studies out there examining the video impact on marketing and brand awareness for both B2B and B2C promotion. Video especially has seen exponential growth since 2013, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Statistic 1: Video Marketing is Important to 94% of Businesses According to figures, this was the case at the end of 2018. It represents an increase from 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018. That means 19 in every 20…


How to Get Viewers to Watch All of Your Video

We know that video is a powerful medium. According to a recent report, 94% of businesses think video is a powerful tool when they are buying. 81% of sellers who used video in 2018 saw higher sales while 53% had reduced phone calls to their customer support. Video is powerful and its growth shows no sign of slowing down in 2019. It’s important to note that a video’s true effectiveness is getting viewers to watch all of your video. This is how you improve how much of a video is seen to ensure more people hear your message. Create a Hook and Deliver on It Whether you’re producing your own videos or hiring Top Pup Media to produce professional content on…

Start Up Business Videos

Video is a potentially limitless marketing tool, and start up business videos are no different. According to Hubspot, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. That’s a high return on investment (RoI) in terms of traffic and share-ability. However, taking your business to the next level requires the right video using the right approach at the right time. Top Pup Media produces a wide variety of content for businesses both large and small. Here is a small selection of video type that we’ve found particularly useful to start up businesses just like yours. Introduction Video The simplest and the most effective type of video for businesses just getting started. In this type of video, you will…

Using Video for IPO Roadshow

More and more, the use of video is shaping the world of marketing and this trend will continue as 82 percent of businesses plan to spend more on video marketing in 2018. It has now reached the point where consumers expect to see content in a video format—25 percent of them will lose interest in your product or service if you don’t have a video explaining it. The following describes how a transportation company called Daseke partnered with Top Pup Media, a full-service video production company, to utilize video for IPO Roadshow. Traditional IPO Roadshow The traditional route for investment bankers who want to raise money for a new company going public is to create expensive, professional, glossy brochures telling…


Video as Part of your Marketing Strategy

According to Todd Hartley, CEO of WireBuzz, in his article “The Smartest Video Marketing Trends in 2017 (and Beyond!)”, “video is no longer an option for marketers – it’s a vital part of any content strategy that wants to taste success.” In fact, video marketing is already more pervasive than many people realizeand is increasing on many measures. In addition to examining video usage statistics, this article covers the power of video analytics and how they help Return on Investment (ROI), and due to these factors, examines the necessity and the payoff of creating top-quality videos Video Marketing is Ubiquitous A study, “The State of Video Marketing 2018”, produced annually by Wyzowl, reports that the employment of video has risen…


How To Measure Your Marketing Video ROI

Entering the world of video marketing for the first time is exciting. However, the hard work has only just begun. It’s not enough to simply have a video. As with any marketing content, there is no guaranteed audience. For your marketing campaign to work, you’ll need to measure the video’s relative success or Video ROI (Return on Investment). Simple ROI System: The Conversion Rate This is one of the oldest and simplest ways of calculating your ROI. In most cases, it may provide enough information to tell you what you need to know about your campaign. Simply, work out the ratio of the number of views against the number of sales/value of the revenue. If you’re far more concerned about…


Facebook Overtook YouTube for Video Marketing Uploads

There was a time YouTube seemed untouchable when it came to video marketing. Facebook has always had a video upload function but only last year did it begin pouring resources into making it a serious contender. Since summer 2017, it’s been worthy of serious consideration as a marketing platform but a shock new study revealed 46% of new web video content is now designed specifically for Facebook. It beat YouTube into second place on 41%. At the end of 2017, multiple marketing agencies, organizations and analysts predicting this would be the case in 2018. Facebook is Now the Top Platform for Video Marketing YouTube is still seen largely as a content site. Ads do appear, but usually at the beginning…


How To Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Most of the content we tend to focus on with this blog is web video: how to use YouTube, improve your search rankings with video, Facebook native video and so on. A large part of the marketing strategy for any business is email outreach. Video content is great for spreading the word through your email marketing campaigns. Why You Should Include Video in Email Marketing Marketing studies have consistently demonstrated that those who did include this type of content experienced a greater chance of the email being opened and higher CTR. As a form of targeted advertising, this is hardly surprising. Greater click-through rates naturally mean better responses and improved SEO. Evidence also suggests higher levels of sharing from videos…


How to Use Video in Your E-commerce Strategy

By now, you already know the quality video content that Top Pup Media delivers. But creating your e-commerce video is just one part of the job. The second part is how you use video in your e-commerce strategy to achieve your goals. 2018 has already proven a critical year for video and e-commerce. This is how you harness both for business growth. Did You Know? Research suggests customers are twice as likely to buy a product after watching a video promotion. Even better is that they are recorded as being 57% less likely to return the product for a refund. This is backed up by survey data from marketers who say that video repeatedly experiences highest levels of ROI. As…


With the Growth of Web Video, it’s Still Best to Outsource

Web video is entering a new Golden Age. Consumers want to see more of it and e-commerce businesses produce more to keep up with competitors. It’s become so important, that marketing departments are hiring employees with video production experience. But this may not be the best decision for you. Forego the Hiring Process Hiring a new employee in any role is time-consuming. It’s also a drain on resources. You must advertise, sift through the applications, interview and hire. Even then, it’s not clear that you’ll get the right person. Can you afford the time resources to fire and hire again? In hiring an agency such as Top Pup Media, only a brief consultation is required. Budget Hiring is not just…


Web Video is Now a Better Investment Than TV Commercials

Television has long been the target destination for advertisers. At once, a business (either locally, by state or even nationally) may reach a broad audience. But all that is changing; retail advertising in most forms is losing ground to e-commerce. That includes TV losing ground to web video. The Statistics A poll by IPSOS MORI, a large and prestigious polling organization in the UK, reported that 29% of respondents purchased goods and services directly due to e-commerce web video. This is not unique to the UK; facts bear this out globally. The e-commerce industry is now worth some $2.7 trillion. It’s 19% of China’s retail sales and studies in the US since 2016 have shown television’s dwindling influence. If the…


Facebook Watch 101

Facebook’s provisions for video content has increased exponentially since 2015. Recent additions include 360-video and live video events. But neither of these are as important as the introduction of the Facebook Watch platform last year. This could revolutionize streaming video as we currently perceive it. Facebook Watch: What It Is Video is a powerful medium for any website, representing a high chance of ROI for marketers especially. Looking to capitalize on the monetization of video, Facebook Watch could eventually challenge YouTube. They could also challenge Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu long-term. The new Facebook Watch video platform is exclusive to the site. It is used to host not only user uploads such as vlogs and live recordings, but original content…


How to Improve Your Facebook Watch Time

Facebook is now a serious contender to YouTube in the video marketing arena. So, learning to improve your Facebook watch time is an essential step for marketing your business videos. Viewers now require shorter videos that seize their immediate attention. Some must do so in as little as 6 seconds, but 15 seconds remains the norm. Last year, Facebook introduced video streaming service “Facebook Watch”. Going forward, this will be the backbone of advertising across the site. We understand that 48% of video views on Facebook now come from direct sharing. That’s a lot of untapped marketing potential and businesses should pay due attention to Watch Time statistics. There are several ways to increase watch time. Native Uploading An independent…


Three Essential Video Marketing Trends for 2018

This year, all everybody seems to want to talk about video-wise is 3D and 360 degree videos. However, these technologies are not the only video marketing trends for 2018. Some of the following are just as exciting, if not more so. Video Ad “Snacking” In 2017, YouTube hailed the birth of the super-short video. Following a 47% surge in ad revenue, Facebook discovered that the shorter the video, the better than engagement. It’s not uncommon for video commercials to last just 6-30 seconds now. What’s more, Social Media Examiner found user attention to video ads dropped after just 6 seconds. Shorter, punchier advertising will define 2018. We even discussed in a blog article the necessity of capturing a viewer’s attention…



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