The Benefits of Virtual Reality Video for Your Brand

2017 was undoubtedly the year of VR (Virtual Reality). Affordability of headsets coupled with streaming video guarantees its growth in the consumer market for some time. It also means a world of opportunities for those who rely on video marketing to convey their message. Virtual Reality Video is a small part of what we do at Top Pup Media, but it has great potential for some brands. Over the coming years, it is going to change how we sell products and services.

Immersive User Experience

Despite being a great medium, at present most video advertising is passive – the viewer observes. This has been the issue with video since the dawn of the moving image. But virtual reality immerses the viewer into a world where they can experience video advertising and not just watch it. 360-degree video helps the viewer feel part of the event. This useful for some areas such as live sports; in turn it presents some fascinating opportunities for your marketing. The potential to reach out to consumers through advertising, live theater and remote places is a great potential.

Provide a Better Remote Experience

Your customer can “feel” the experience of your product or service, to be part of it, and interact. More than ever before, it will allow people to engage with web services in a user-friendly virtual environment from anywhere. Although they will not be able to handle your product, this will be the closest they have ever come to doing so before making a purchase. Ericsson Consumer Lab recently released results of a survey that showed massive interest from technology customers via this method, helping them get closer to new smartphones and tablets.

VR Advertising is Memorable

A study late last year showed positive consumer results for VR advertising in video games. 90% of respondents recalled brand information of VR content from the pre-roll sequence compared to branded logos and product placement in the content. All this content was VR and the overall recall rate was around 70%, much higher than standard advertising. It could be that the technology is what makes the content memorable, but the interactivity aspect is clearly a powerful medium.

Better Responses Leading to More Revenue

360-degree video which is the preferred format for VR technology gains a better response rate than other forms of video. Repeat viewing rate has been recorded 30% higher while registering user engagement anything between 70% and 300% higher. Even standard video advertising when utilized in a 3D environment reported higher engagement than through traditional media. Further, data from a Google campaign in 2017 showed that VR complements other forms of advertising, especially traditional video, accounting for a 41% increase in revenue.

Virtual Reality Video Sample

Below is one of the 360º videos that we created for Reggae band, Rebelution. If you want it on your browser, you can move around using your mouse. But, if you watch in your smart phone, you can move the phone around to see “inside” the concert.

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